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How the internet can be reinvented

It’s been a long time coming.The internet was created to bring the world closer together, but today it is often viewed as a battleground for political and social power.Today we’re witnessing the rise of the internet as a platform for the spread of ideas and new technologies.We’ve seen how these new platforms can be used […]

Squarespace Web Design book – 2020

Squarespaces web design book – 2016 – 2019 book,design,web,designer,squaredspace source MTV Newswire (US) title 2020 Web Design for Entrepreneurs – 2020 book,webdesign,designers,web-designers source MTVnews (UK, US) title Web Designers 2020 – 2023 book,websites,web developers,web site source MTVNewswire article New York Times Best Seller: SquaresSpace – The Best Place To Work for the Internet of Things […]