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Simple Web Site Design

Having a simple web site design doesn't mean you have to settle for a pre-made cookie cutter type of web layout. There are many benefits to following the standards of what a simple site would look like. Just because its simple does not mean its not unique, visually appealing or custom made to suit your specific needs.

Basic Principles

  • Your web sites navigation should be very easy to use. When a customer visits your site and gets deep into your content there is nothing worse than not knowing how to get back to where they were or knowing where they are currently. Planning out a concise and user friendly navigation structure will allow your customers to find what information they need, rather than leaving them confused and lost.
  • Use high end technology sparingly. A splash page built using Flash is a good example. Flash can offer web sites a lot of utility in communicating with their customers, but if you're using Flash just to have something up to date or eye catching on your web pages you're going about it all wrong. Using flash that adds value to your users experience is the best reason to add this type of technology to your web site.
  • Use only what is needed. Avoid putting up that animated banner that flashes and blinks. Imagine that you had visited your site many many times, and every time you load up your home page, up pops that flashing/blinking animated banner for the hundredth time. It can become very distracting for your customers. Additionally, these elements can take a long time to load in the browser and the impatient visitor will just click away and go elsewhere. Use only those elements that add valuable content to your web pages.


  • One of the best reasons to go with a simple design is that its very affordable. You don't have to pay for many of the additional features that would take away from the simplicity of this type of web site.
  • Since there's not much to a simple web design the spiders that search engines use to find your web pages and deliver them to potential customers can locate and "spider" your site rather quickly. It also ensures your pages will have the type of coding that will encourage the spiders to include your pages in the search engine results, thus bringing you more customers.
  • The content on your web site loads up promptly for the customer. Your customers don't have to wait for animated banners, flash pages, or video/audio elements to load up in their browsers. This lets your visitors find the information they are looking for quickly and very easily.

One of the key aspects to having a simple web site that you should keep in mind when having your web site built is to think about your primary customers. The focus of this style of design is to make the most user friendly and user accessible web site. This is what makes your customer happy and a satisfied customer is more willing to buy or engage in your most wanted response.

Contact me today for more information on having a simple web site design built just for you and a free no obligation quote or visit my portfolio page to see some of my most recent designs.

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