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Professional Web Site Design

Andrew's Custom Web Design is a full service, single person driven, professional web site design company with the dedication and passion of an entire firm. Based in the United States of America, not outsourced to a third party, you'll get honest, reliable, personal, one-on-one service to take care of all your small business or organizations web design and graphic needs.

Offering the best web practices, creative design approaches, technical innovation, keyword research and placement for individuals, small businesses, organizations and ebusinesses. The result is an attractive, unique and professional custom web site without the hassles of a full design team.

The most important part of professional web site design is knowing what you, the customer, needs. You have a vision of what you would like your website to be, I will work directly with you to ensure your vision is met.

Many other web design companies can build you a simple web site or provide a cookie cutter template, but Andrew's Custom Web Design can provide you with an eye-catching professional web site design that captures your businesses unique identity and successfully transfers that into a custom online business that is user friendly and optimized for search engine performance.

When you choose Andrew's Custom Web Design over pre-made cookie cutter templates you get a full range of skills including:

  • XHTML & CSS Based Web Site Layouts
  • Great Functionality
  • Original, Compelling and Visually Appealing Designs
  • Unique Company Branding
  • Custom Online Identity
  • Affordable Services
  • User Friendly
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Redesign a Current Website
  • Create, Edit and Optimize Images or Artwork.
  • Additionally, I offer future web maintenance and updates. I can update your site on a scheduled basis or as needed.

All of Andrew's custom website designs are 100% unique and original which sets you apart from your competition and presents a professional and personal image.

The two most crucial aspects for a successful web site design are a site that is visually appealing, yet user friendly. Although you want an eye pleasing appearance, graphics should never get in the way of user navigation. Placement of the navigation will determine how easy it is for visitors to navigate around your website, which ultimately effects how long they will stay at your site, how they interact with it and whether they will perform your most desired response. A design with too many bells and whistles can interfere with functionality, which distracts or even angers your visitor and causes them to leave.

It's important to strike a delicate balance between providing a beautiful, attractive and impressive design that entertains your visitors, projects your identity, conveys your unique business message, draws people in and establishes credibility, while at the same time making it easy, quick and pain free to move throughout the pages of your site.

Other important components for your design include colors and font. Color is a very powerful stimulant as it evokes feelings and having the right color means a lot. Choosing the right font is very important, as the wrong font choice could be distracting from serious content or convey lack of professionalism. Additionally, you need a design that will be search engine friendly to bring in traffic and one that motivates the customer to buy.

As your professional web site designer, I can offer you:

  • A professional web site design of any size, that persuades customers to stay at your site through the use of visually appealing graphics.
  • An eye pleasing web layout along with a very user friendly navigation system that includes the peace of mind that all of your customers can view your website with any browser they choose.
  • Basic search engine optimization. Meta tag and keyword optimization and the use of the latest, cleanest coding techniques that can be read easily by search engine spiders, to ensure placement in search engine results, which drives traffic to your business.
  • Unique and original designs that are still affordable and easy on your budget.
  • If you have an existing off line business, we can incorporate your logos and designs or create new ones.

Your website will contain great design and functionality through the use of today's most up to date coding practices. The correct placement of images and text that not only makes your web site look good, but its also very easy for the visitor to read, which in turn, encourages them to STAY at your site and provides appropriate hooks for search engine spiders.

When you have a website that is customized to your specific needs, you can be sure that every visitor that comes to your web site will not be turned off by the old cookie cutter design web pages that have locked in color schemes and banners or ineffective functionality. Instead, they see an attractive web site that conveys your unique identity and is very user friendly.

Most importantly, the goal at Andrew's Custom Web Design is to build you a professional web site design from the ground up that is just how you pictured it to be. Capturing your unique identity and providing your visitors with a pleasing experience that compels them to buy and return again and again.

Please visit my portfolio page to see some of my most recent designs.

If you are ready to begin building your custom web site or are just inquiring about our rates and services, please feel free to contact me. There's no cost or obligation.

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