Why we should stop worrying about the weather

The sport bible article With the weather forecast for next week having changed to “very hot and dry”, we have to stop thinking about what’s happening in the world.I think the answer is simple: we’re not.We’re not in a climate crisis.And we’re still not in an epidemic.In the past decade, the world has become a […]

How to build a website that people actually use

By now, you’ve probably heard of the new CMS WYSIWYG (Write Anything).The concept behind it is simple: you write any text you want on your site, and then a bunch of people use your website to create content.But what if you can write anything you want?That’s where the WYWI (Write Anywhere) platform comes in.It’s an […]

How to get a web design job in 2018

A good web design team can make your brand stand out, but it also requires a strong understanding of the market.If you’re looking to become a web designer, you can’t ignore the importance of making sure your team has the technical know-how and the technical skills to work in an online marketplace.The Web Design Industry […]

New Bitcoin blockchain is getting a new look!

Bitcoin’s blockchain is a distributed, peer-to-peer database of every bitcoin transaction in the entire network.But, what’s new with Bitcoin this year is that it’s getting a much different look.In fact, this is probably one of the most exciting changes to the blockchain in a long time.According to a new design guide released by the Bitcoin […]

When to use web design software

When you’re looking for a new web design tool, you might want to take a look at a web development software.There are plenty of great web development tools out there.However, if you’re searching for something with a bit more functionality, we’ve got the perfect tool for you.These web development and design tools come with tons […]

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