The theme has already won over the community, and now it’s the subject of a blog post by a web designer who goes by the name of Mi.

This designer has built a theme for the popular WordPress platform that is completely free.

The theme is a fully responsive WordPress theme with a number of themes to choose from.

It includes a built-in responsive design that will work with any screen size.

The developer also adds a new theme, a responsive WordPress one, to the WordPress theme repository.

This new theme is also completely free, and you can install it by clicking on the links provided.

Mi explains the purpose of this theme:Mi is a web design specialist, and his theme is part of a new set of themes for WordPress.

Mi, who has also designed a range of other themes, says:”The themes are designed for the use of the WordPress core.

These themes come with full support for responsive design.

In fact, they are designed to be used on all devices with a modern web browser, from desktop to mobile and from tablet to laptop.

We do this by providing an entirely responsive theme with support for the latest CSS3 properties.

Themes for WordPress come in two basic flavors: Premium and Classic.

Premium themes come in one of two flavors: Standard or Premium Lite.

The Premium Lite themes are all designed for use with the standard WordPress theme and are free.

They include support for a number design elements and styling, such as background, buttons, etc. Classic themes are not fully responsive, and have limited functionality and customization options.

The Classic Lite themes come from the Premium WordPress theme source:The developer is the first to bring together a WordPress theme collection for free.

This is one of the first themes to come out of the Premium theme repository, and he explains the reason behind the theme’s popularity:”I started my work on the theme because of the awesome support it received from the WordPress community.

I wanted to make my own theme and share my knowledge of WordPress and responsive design with others.

I have learned a lot about the web design and development from doing so.

I want to share my expertise with other designers and developers in the WordPress Community.

“Mi is not the first designer to bring out a WordPress-based theme.

There are a number designers working with WordPress themes, but this is the only one to come up with a free theme.

He also has a few other WordPress themes in his portfolio, including a range with WordPress versions 4.1.1 and higher.

The new theme for WordPress, and the next theme in the series, will be released in the next few weeks.

This one will be free to download and install, and will come with some additional features and themes to improve the theme.

You can learn more about the theme by clicking here.

Mi is also working on a new version of the theme for mobile devices, and this one will come soon.

This will be the first theme from him to come with a mobile-friendly design.

You will find more details about this theme at the source link.source The Times Of India