In this article, I’ll show you how to create a web application that will work on your iPhone or iPad and work on other platforms like Windows, Linux and even Windows Phone.

I’ll also show you all the code necessary to create your own custom HTML5 web page that works with your application.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial!


Install CocoaPods 2.

Download and install Cocoa 5.

Create a new project with Cocoa and CocoaPod.


Create an empty file called “example.html” and add a tag to the top of your HTML5 file.

Hello World! 4.

Create another , and add an tag with the following code: 5.

Add a to the .

This will allow your HTML to load into your JavaScript code.


Create your first JavaScript file that you can load into the browser.


Add the following line to the end of your JavaScript file: var myWebApp = new WebApp(); MyWebApp.load(url: ‘https://localhost:8080’); 8.

Add this line to your JavaScript script: var url = ‘http:\/\/\/hello.html’; 9.

Now, whenever you launch your web application, your JavaScript will be loaded into your HTML file.


Next, you’ll need to add a “load” method to your HTML.


Inside of your web app, add the following methods to your document: 10.

You can add multiple methods, and you can specify what they do with the “load()” method.


Your code should now be ready to use.

Here’s a quick video demonstration of how to build a basic web app: Download Now