The Google Calendar is one of the most popular tools for managing your work.

It’s also one of Google’s least popular, but it can help you organize your life more efficiently, with ease.

Here’s how.


Google is constantly adding new features, and sometimes you need to learn a new one. 

Here’s how to get started.

First, head to Google’s Calendar app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

You can find it by searching for it on your phone’s Settings app. 

Then, tap “Settings.”

In the “Calendar” section, tap the “Add” button, and follow the prompts. 

For example, you could add a “To-Do List” to your Calendar.

Or you could expand your existing calendar by creating a new “Calender” and tap “Add to Calendar.” 

After adding your calendar, you can add to it as many times as you’d like. 

To do so, tap Add to Calendar, and then tap “Change.” 

The Calender will appear in your Google Calendar, under the “Other Calendars” category. 

Next, tap on your calendar. 

Your new calendar will appear. 

Tap on your calendars name to view more details about it.

You may need to add a note, or you may not see the calendar at all. 

If your calendar has a birthday, a date, a location, or other similar information, you’ll see the date of its creation, which can be handy for keeping track of your work or planning events. 

You can also delete or add to calendars using the calendar’s “Delete” button. 

This option is available to both Google and your calendar app.

To delete your calendar on your device, tap its “Delete From All” button and then your device’s lock screen. 

From your Android phone, tap Google Now and choose “Calendars.” 

If you want to add more calendars, tap your phone. 

In the Calendars app, tap all calendars you have in your Google account. 

Now, tap Add to calendar.

Now, tap On Delete Calendar. 

Select your calendars calendar name. 

At the bottom of the Add to Cal… screen, type in your new calendar name, and click the Add button.

Your new calendar is now added to your Google Calendar.