Brooklyn lawyer Alex Pazos is a self-described web designer.

And his job is making his clients and clients’ clients’ money.

Pazos started making websites for clients who needed their business to be seen in a different light.

Pazys clients were mostly lawyers, but he also had clients who wanted to advertise to clients, sell advertising, or take their business public.

Pozos worked in marketing for the New York City Department of Education, but one of his clients needed to make a website that would be easy to use for his clients.

So, Pazo designed the web design of his client’s website and then sent it to the department.

And that was when Pazs client, a lawyer named Scott, noticed the design.

Puzos was not thrilled with his clients website, but when he saw his client was getting a lot of traffic on his website, he had to do something.

So, he created the website, called the web designer, and began creating websites for the next few months.

“The website was really easy to create,” Puzos told me.

“It was just a bunch of buttons and text.

I created the interface, and then I would put the web designs in.”

Puzs website has now become the #1 website on his client list.

“I have clients who have been clients for years and they have never had an issue with it,” Paz said.

“People don’t think twice about it.”

Pazs website is still the top ranking website on the site for his client.

His clients pay him, and he has a business that pays him.

The design of the website is simple.

Puzs clients have to click on each button to take their order, or click on the logo to see who they can contact.

Pizos has also created a video series that he says has helped thousands of people.

He has videos on YouTube, which he says he has watched hundreds of thousands of times.

“There are so many people who have watched it,” he said.

Pizos told the NY Daily News that his clients who watch his videos, he believes, have more confidence and are more willing to work with him.

“They don’t want to take the risk anymore.

They know that they can trust me.

I’m not going to cheat them,” he told the Daily News.

Pavlich, who is also the founder of the online marketing agency, Design Matters, says Puzis website is a testament to the value of self-employment.

“If you’re a designer, you have a portfolio.

You can sell a business,” Pavlich said.

Posos also has a website for people to see the jobs he has done.

Pozos has even created a blog where people can share their own jobs.

Puthts website is available to all who are interested in his work.

Pahls website is accessible to the public, but you need to download a software that he offers.

And Putht is also an instructor at a law school, which Puths told me he has to pay for.

Patzos says he’s also got clients who want to use his websites, which is why he’s still making his living from the websites.

“That’s what I love to do,” Pizas said.