The search engine rankings have been in a downward spiral for a few years now, with the number of top-ranked webpages plummeting.

And the same trends have continued.

The top 10 sites on the Web are dominated by a handful of companies: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, and Apple.

The number of sites that have at least 10th place is just four.

The only other company that consistently dominates the top ten rankings are Google, which has more than two dozen top-ranking sites.

These are the companies that have the biggest user bases and are likely to have a higher percentage of the top search results.

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have all seen significant growth in user numbers over the past few years.

In fact, Google has seen its user numbers increase by nearly 30 percent over the last two years.

That growth is largely driven by the growth in mobile devices and a new wave of mobile apps.

Apple has also seen its growth in the last few years, but it’s still a small player.

Facebook is also in the top 10.

It has more top-10 sites than any other company.

Facebook has nearly 2.7 million users on average.

This is also more than any company.

Yahoo has almost 3 million users.

Apple is also fairly large, having more than 200 million users, but still has a smaller user base.

The only other two companies with a larger user base are Google and Apple, which have roughly one and two million users each.

These sites are popular, but there are many other sites that are not as popular.

This makes it difficult to get the data that is needed to really gauge what is really driving the decline in the rankings.

The most popular sites on each of these search engines are pretty much the same.

You can click through to the top 100 and the top 50, which is pretty much a list of the most popular websites, but you can also find the most relevant results on each site.

In most cases, the top ranking results are pretty similar to each other.

For example, a popular site on Bing is a Google search.

You’ll see Google as the top result.

You won’t find a Google image search result.

Google is pretty close to being the top-rated website.

On the other hand, you’ll also see Bing as the first result.

That’s because the top results on Bing tend to be very similar to the results on Google.

Bing has a lot of the same results as Google, but has a slightly different set of results.

If you want to get a deeper look at which results are most relevant to you, you can click on the Bing image search results and you’ll get a list that looks like this:This is a pretty similar list to the ones you see on Google search results, but instead of the results that are related to the search term, you will see results related to Bing.

In other words, you’re looking at Bing results that relate to the Bing search term.

In some cases, it’s the results related directly to the keyword.

For example, Bing has results for search queries related to “browsing,” which is a search term that you would use on Bing.

For this example, the search query is “search results related with searching,” and the results are Bing results for searches related to search queries.

Bing results are a lot more specific than Google results.

For other searches, you might get results that look more similar to Google results, or you might have a lot fewer results that match Bing results.

You could also find sites that you’d never expect to find results related specifically to your search query.

For instance, you may have seen results that include information on Google’s Bing search engine, but Bing results aren’t specific to that search.

This is just one of many reasons why Google is the dominant search engine.

The other major search engine that is the most dominant is Yahoo.

Yahoo is a bit smaller than Google, having less than 10 million users compared to Google’s more than 150 million users per day.

Yahoo also has a much smaller user-base, which means that Yahoo’s results are more similar and they’re generally more relevant.

However, Yahoo has a large user base, so the results will tend to have more relevance.

Yahoo has a great search engine experience.

The Yahoo Search app has tons of information about products, services, brands, and other search terms.

There’s a search feature called “Yahoo,” which lets you search the web for specific words that you’re interested in.

You can also use Yahoo to search by keyword.

You might want to search for “stock” or “stock market.”

If you look for a search on Yahoo, you get a variety of results for “stocks,” “stocks in,” and “stocks markets.”

In other cases, you just type in a word like “stock,” and you get results similar to those you’d find on Google or Bing.

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