Donald Trump is about to take on one of the most recognizable faces of his presidential campaign.

But in a move that will likely upset many of his supporters, the campaign’s new logo is getting a new look.

The new logo was announced by the campaign Wednesday, with the slogan “Make America Great Again” replacing the previous logo with a giant eagle, and with the presidential seal replaced with a white circle.

The campaign said it had worked to keep the logo consistent across its websites and social media platforms, with a clear line between its “We Are the World” and “Trump” message.

It’s a decision that will most likely upset some of Trump’s supporters, who have been vocal about their dislike of the campaign logo, which they see as racist and xenophobic.

The logo is one of several issues the Trump campaign is addressing with the campaign.

It is the first major policy change to come from the presumptive GOP nominee’s new campaign, and he has been trying to make a difference for the middle class.

On Wednesday, he held a rally in Florida to rally supporters, promising to “end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” and to protect undocumented immigrants.

It was Trump’s first time in Florida since the campaign began.

But he has also made a number of other controversial statements in recent weeks, including telling supporters in Michigan that a Muslim “can’t serve in Congress” and saying he wouldn’t defend Syrian refugees.

The Trump campaign has also faced backlash for its decision to replace the “Make AMERICA Great Again!” logo with the “America First” slogan, which has been associated with the Trump movement and his supporters.

The candidate has also been criticized for not doing more to get people to vote in the first place, including by the Trump Foundation, which is run by his daughter Ivanka Trump.