Perth’s best and worst places to live are revealed in this handy guide.

1 / 11 3:54 The city’s most popular activity is the pub, which has been thriving since the turn of the century.

Here’s a look at Perth’s pubs and bars.

3 / 11 2:53 The city has a unique heritage.

It’s got a large number of buildings that were built to celebrate the Victorian era.

We have a collection of Victorian art, from Victorian art houses to Victorian artists.

Perth has also got a lot of history.

A few of the most famous Victorian buildings are the Palace Theatre, The Opera House and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

4 / 11 1:59 Perth has a big and diverse range of restaurants, with lots of options for the adventurous.

Here are the top five restaurants in Perth.

5 / 11 6:30 The city is one of the fastest growing in Australia.

There are some really great places to explore.

Check out the top 10 best places to visit.

6 / 11 4:19 If you’re not a pub person, you’re missing out.

You can get a great taste of Perth’s city life by going to The Harbour, The Waterfront, The Riverfront, River View and the Wharf.

7 / 11 5:16 You’re not alone if you’ve never had a great lunch in Perth, and you’ve had a bit of time to explore the city.

Here is our list of the best places for lunch.

7 & 11 4 / 12 10:45 Perth’s CBD is a wonderful place to be.

From the old, bustling streets to the trendy bars, it’s an ideal place to spend an afternoon.

Here, we’ve compiled the top ten best places in Perth to get your morning kick on. 8 / 11 12:22 Perth has the best public transport in the country, with the city’s bus system taking you anywhere from 45 minutes to five hours between two different stations.

The city also has a great tram system, with some of the country’s best.

9 / 11 11:25 There are plenty of outdoor activities in Perth and it’s a great place to hang out.

Here we have our picks for the top outdoor spots in the city to enjoy.

10 / 11 10:33 It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in Perth as there are plenty to do on the cityscape, including art galleries, museums, restaurants and more.

Here our top 10 outdoor spots for the summer.