A lot has happened since we last saw the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs, but it’s safe to say that the team has come to terms with the fact that they’re still a bad football team in the AFC West.

The Seahawks are 4-2 and have a playoff berth on the table, but there’s one more hurdle to overcome before the team can get back to the postseason.

The divisional opponents Seattle faces in the divisional round of the playoffs are the Arizona Cardinals, who have already eliminated the Seahawks from playoff contention.

It’s a tough division, but the Seahawks have to come through in the first round of this year’s playoffs, because the division winners from the NFC West face the winner of the AFC East and the loser of the NFC East in the second round.

The winner of that second round will get to face the New England Patriots in the conference semifinals, and the winner will be able to face either of the first two playoff teams from the division, meaning that the Seahawks will have to make some tough decisions regarding their playoff destiny before the season starts.

Here’s a look at some of the toughest games the Seahawks face heading into the first-round playoff matchup between the division champions and the division losers.

The Arizona Cardinals are an extremely tough team to play, but they have a lot of weapons to work with, which means that they can still find ways to win games.

The Cardinals have a good defense, which has allowed a lot more points than they have allowed.

The team’s offensive line, though, has allowed the most sacks and QB hits of any team in NFL history.

Arizona’s defensive line is also a great piece of a defense that has given up only nine touchdowns in 16 games.

So, it’s possible that the Cardinals can be a factor against the Seahawks’ offense, but if that’s the case, the Seahawks would be in trouble.

If the Cardinals do manage to score a lot, it will be a difficult task for the Seahawks.

If they don’t, then the Cardinals will be the best defensive team in league history and Seattle’s schedule is pretty daunting.

Arizona is also very good at the point of attack, which will be critical for the team.

The Seattle defense has been very good on third downs this year, but Arizona has also been able to get the ball to quarterback Carson Palmer and the receivers, which makes the Cardinals’ defense very good against the pass.

The one thing that will help Arizona’s defense against the Cardinals is the fact they’ll probably have some help on the offensive side of the ball, which is why the Arizona defense has a lot to prove this year.

In this game, the Cardinals have two things to try to do.

They’ll try to force the Seahawks to give up sacks, or they’ll try and force the quarterback to throw an interception.

The key to winning in this game will be how well the Seahawks attack the Arizona defensive line.

The defensive line will have a tough task against the Seattle offensive line.

Arizona has the best run defense in the NFL and will have the advantage of the pass rush.

Arizona will need to keep Palmer under control to prevent him from throwing an interception, and it will help to have the other defensive players help him out.

The run defense has given the Seahawks a lot in the passing game, and this will be an interesting matchup for the Seattle offense.

The running game will have its hands full with two big men that have been extremely productive against Arizona’s offensive linemen, but will also have a few guys that can contribute.

The other offensive line will be tasked with stopping Palmer, as well as keeping him under control in the pocket.

It will be very important for the Arizona offensive line to make sure that they don�t let Palmer throw an INT.

If Arizona is able to force Palmer into a sack, the Seattle defense will be in big trouble.

The best way to do that is by using pressure on Palmer, and that’s where the Seahawks offense will have some problems.

If Seattle can pressure Palmer a little bit, it should be able hold onto the ball and get it to the running back.

If Palmer can’t get the football to the runner, it’ll be tough for the Cardinals to get pressure on him.

It should also be interesting to see if Arizona can slow down Palmer and get him to throw a touchdown pass, as he hasn’t had a lot success doing that.

Arizona, in terms of the run game, is still very good, and if the Cardinals get the quarterback pressure on the quarterback, then they should be in great position to make a big play.

The problem is that Arizona will be running the ball very much on the inside.

Arizona can make some plays on the outside of the field, but you have to give credit to the Arizona running backs for having the ability to get to the quarterback on the