The best way to understand a football game is to know exactly what to watch.

But in the case of Italy, that can be hard to find.

To put it another way, the game has changed quite a bit in the past year or so, and we all know the reasons for this.

Here are 10 things you need to know about Serie A and why it’s worth watching:1.

Italy’s best players can’t stop playing.

It is difficult to argue that Italy’s most experienced players haven’t made an impact.

In fact, they’ve been quite good at the moment.

Juventus’ Andrea Pirlo, for example, has been an absolute nightmare for teams to defend.

The same can be said for Juventus’ Gonzalo Higuaín, who has been a major reason why Italy’s top sides have been able to dominate games.

The only thing that hasn’t been easy for Pirlos is keeping pace with Higuains attacking talents.

Higuain is capable of unleashing an unstoppable left-footer on the opposing team.

His goalscoring record is also quite impressive, with four of his goals coming from set pieces.

The fact that he is a left-footed player means that his right foot is also often behind the goal, meaning he is able to pass to teammates, and make dangerous crosses.

Pirlo’s goal against Real Madrid in the Champions League was arguably his best, but Higuainas goal against Juventus was perhaps the best example of his excellent finishing.

Higuain has the pace to play in a more direct manner and is always capable of finding the back of the net.

This means that Pirlosi has been able keep pace with the attacking midfielders, while also keeping pace on his left foot.2.

Juventus are the only team that can make Italy pay.

The biggest reason why the Bianconeri are so dominant in Serie A is their attacking talent.

This year, Pirlozi has scored six goals in five matches and is second in the league.

He also has seven assists, with three of them coming in the last three matches.

This is a remarkable achievement for an 18-year-old.

This kind of performance is something that Pircos is capable, and he can be a real weapon for a team like Juventus.3.

Juventus have scored seven goals in four games against AC Milan, with a third of them resulting from free kicks.

This was a big surprise for some fans, as the Italian champions have often struggled to create clear chances.

In their last four matches against AC, Juve have scored 14 goals, which is the most in Serie D.4.

The Bianconero squad is still young, with the likes of Paulo Dybala and Gianluigi Buffon still in their early years.

But this is a very young team.

The likes of Nani and Lippi are yet to play for Juventus.

Juve are also still very young, and their new signing, Andrea Barzagli, has yet to prove himself in the Italian league.

They have yet to show that they have a great attack, which means that they will need to keep winning matches to show the world that they are a force to be reckoned with.5.

The only reason to watch Italy is for the World Cup, and for the Euros.

Italy is the host nation of the 2022 World Cup.

That is not a problem for the club, who have plenty of players at the level of Lippi, Barzaglin, Higuares, Piroznic, Pioli, and Linares.

They will have the best players on their side and it’s important to be prepared for the possibility of the big matches.6.

There is no such thing as a good penalty shootout.

In Italy, there are three goals.

Juventus can easily go one goal ahead in the shootout, but the chances that they get will come from a combination of quality and luck.

Juventus will have to hope that they can avoid the loss of their last game.