U.N. website website,designers are voted as best in the world for beautiful web designs.

The website of the U.A.E. United Nations was voted best in Africa, the Middle East and Asia in the latest edition of the annual World Designers Index.

The site of the United Nations, a global body that manages information, is named in honor of a woman named Susan B. Anthony, who died in 1869.

The site of an Indian woman, Rishi Bose, was named best of the best in Asia, according to the index, which is compiled by the Web Designers Association, an industry trade group.

The U.W.

Web Designers Union was named the best Web Design Business in the United States and the third-best Web Design in the Asia-Pacific region, according the report.

The U.F.O. is named best design in the Middle Eastern and South Pacific region.

The United Nations website was named in homage to the late British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, who was a member of the International Commission on the Status of Women.

The World Trade Organization, an international body that oversees trade in goods and services, was voted the best trade organization, according an index of global trade trends that was released last week.

The trade body was also voted the world’s best organization to manage global climate change.

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