Brooklyn resident Adam Witherspoon is working on a website, where he will post ads for clients to use in his personal blog.

The ads will offer legal services to those who are unable to afford the legal services, Witherscott said.

“The goal is to offer a service that’s accessible to people who are out of pocket, but not just anyone who can’t afford a lawyer,” Withers said.

The website will focus on legal issues related to employment and health care, but also includes an on-line learning and education section, Wetherspott said, adding that he’s hoping to raise $1,500 to cover the costs of creating the website.

He also plans to offer training on the web design industry and how to build websites.

The blog, which Wither Spoons plans to name, “Lawyers for the People,” will be available online as well.

It will be open to anyone who wants to get in touch with him, Withering said.

Witherson has been working with his local firm, the Legal Services Corporation, since late January.

He has been in his home office since mid-January, he said.

He hopes the site will appeal both to people with limited resources and people who have the time to design their own website.

“It’s a fun hobby,” Withering told CBS News.

“I enjoy working on this.”

Wither spoon said the website will have two main sections: Personal and Business.

Personal will be for people who don’t have a legal practice and want to get up and running on their website.

Withering also said the business section will be about providing information to potential clients, which includes advice on how to create a website and how much it will cost to do it.

“This is the most important thing that I can do for the future of the legal profession,” he said, “and the more that I do that, the better it will be.”

Withering is not alone in creating a legal business website.

Another Brookley resident, Mark Siskin, has been creating websites for about two years now.

He said the websites are an easy way for people to find out about local lawyers, to learn about the profession, and also to connect with prospective clients.

He says his website is about connecting people with lawyers in their area.

“If you’re in the business, you’re going to want to reach out to people you can connect with, whether it’s through your blog or through LinkedIn or through a contact on your website,” Siskins said.

While the Brookelyn area is known for being a small and affordable place to get started in the legal industry, it’s a different story in other areas of the country.

In 2014, Brooke County had more than 8,000 registered lawyers and they had to fill out a lot of paperwork to get their business registered.

According to the Brooklinist, there are more than 2,600 lawyers in the county.

The County’s business registration is still very low.

“When you look at a small county like Brooke, there’s really not many people in the profession who have that kind of experience, and I think that’s because of the financial burdens that are put on the profession,” Siscakin said.

In January, Brokelyn attorney and former Brokelin City Council member Linda Schmitt was appointed the county’s new commissioner of law enforcement.

The position has her focusing on improving the safety and security of Brooke’s neighborhoods, particularly around businesses.

“As a city council member, I’m going to be focusing on creating safer communities for our community and working with business owners to create more positive environments for our businesses,” Schmitt said.