The best Instagram stories of 2016 were the ones that went viral.

The stories that became so popular they became “insta-worthy” and, in the case of the year’s most iconic Instagram stories, the most popular photos were shared more than 1 million times.

The list of Instagram Stories that have gone viral is extensive.

The year featured more than 4,000,000 likes, nearly 3 million shares, and over 1.5 billion views.

There are plenty of reasons why the stories got shared.

In a new study from digital advertising research firm In-Q-Tel, it’s possible to analyze the trends and trends that propelled a story to the top of the charts.

The findings suggest that the most influential story of 2016 is one that got the most views and shares.

The top five most shared stories were all stories that featured people talking about a certain subject.

The most popular story of the same topic was “Who Wants to Become a Black Cat?”

The story was the top story of 2017.

These stories were shared at least 1.1 billion times and generated more than $1.6 billion in revenue.

The story that generated the most revenue was the “What To Do When You’re Bored” story, which garnered more than 3.5 million likes and nearly 725,000 shares.

This is because the story’s tagline, “Bored by the World,” was used as the title of the Instagram Story in 2017.

In-Qu-Tel’s research showed that Instagram Stories have the ability to “explore a broader audience than traditional Facebook or Twitter.”

The research also revealed that a story’s popularity correlates with the amount of money it generates, and a story with the highest revenue generates more than double the amount as a low-earning story.

Instagram Stories also have the potential to influence the way Instagram is used by marketers and brands.

By identifying which of their Stories have received the most likes and shares, Instagram could make sure they are seen more often by users.

In fact, one of the top-ranked Instagram Stories in the In-q-Tel study is “What If I’m Homeless?”

It generated more shares than any other story in the list.

The “What-If-I-Am-Homeless” story is also one of only a handful of Stories that had more likes than the top stories.

And when people are on the lookout for stories to share, they can often find stories that aren’t on the top trending topics.

According to In-QU-Tel: “As people search for content to share on Instagram, they may search for the stories that have received a lot of likes or the ones with the most shares.

Instagram may choose to share a story that is not the top post for its target audience, and the story will likely not be shared often or at all.”

It is important to note that the data in In-QLaT’s research comes from a survey of Instagram users and is not representative of Instagram’s audience.

Instagram did not respond to our request for comment on the data or why it used the tagline “BORED BY THE WORLD” instead of “Who-Wants-to-Become-a-Black-Cat.”

However, in a statement, Instagram said: “Instagram Stories are one of our most popular features.

We believe the Stories feature is an important tool for people to share their stories and share more content across Instagram and other platforms.

Instagram uses a variety of measurement and analysis tools to understand and understand the audience that Instagram has and understand their engagement.

We do not use a single tagline to describe our Stories feature and do not consider any of the information in this survey to be a measurement of our audience.”

This is why Instagram is continually updating its Stories feature.

As more Stories are shared, Instagram will continue to evolve the feature to better serve its users.

Instagram also plans to add more filters for Stories, including filters for “selfies” and “friends.”