Designers are often tasked with creating designs that are relevant and attractive to consumers, and in many cases, they’ll even be asked to help build their clients websites.

However, there’s a catch.

They need to know what they’re doing.

It turns out that web design skills are incredibly difficult and not all web designers are up to the task.

Luckily, there are plenty of free resources that will give you the tools you need to master web design.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some free web design tools to help you get started and build your portfolio.1.

The Free Web Designer’s Toolbox (Free)  The Free Designer’s toolbox is a collection of templates, plugins, and other web design resources that can help you learn and master web designer skills.

It’s free to download, but it does come with a subscription to use the templates. 


The Futurist Web Design Course (Free and Paid) This course is a paid course, but the premium version comes with free access to the template library, as well as the templates, plugin resources, and more. 


Web Designer’s Resource (Free, Paid)The Web Design Resources section of the Fetishist website gives you a list of the resources available for free, paid, and premium versions of the web designer’s tool.

The FETISHIST web design resource is the best-known of these resources, so it’s worth downloading and taking a look.4. 

Designer Training and Education (Free for Business)  This is a free online course from Design Academy, and the courses features many of the same template and web design fundamentals that you’ll find in the Mosaic template library.

The course also includes several templates, a free plugin to add custom elements, and a web design course that’s been tailored specifically for designers.5. 

Free and Premium Web Design Toolbox The Free Web Designer Toolbox is a collection with several free web designer resources that you can use to get started learning. 


A Guide to Web Design Skills This book from the National Association of Web Design Professionals has a detailed list of resources for web design, including some free templates.

The book also has a list of templates, and plugins for a wide range of web design projects. 


What You Need to Know About Web Design Resources: A Web Development Course (Free)This book offers a very detailed look at what it takes to learn web design from an architectural and technical perspective. 


Creating Web Design Assets: The Complete Web Design Kit (Free), The book by A.C. Lipps and S.H. Fong is a must-have if you’re new to web design and want to know how to build an online portfolio. 


Learn Web Design From The Ground Up with the The Web Designer Book: This book by Eileen G. Lee and Susan F. Sibley features a range of templates for creating web design assets, from basic HTML to more complex layouts, and includes all the tutorials in the book. 


An Introduction to Web Development: How To Build a Web Design Career, By Jason C. Williams and Rene B. Poulin is one of the most popular web design books on the market. 


How to Create A Website with Web Design (free), This free course by Tom Stoppard from The Craft Blog offers a tutorial on creating a website using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, along with the tutorial for the Basic Web Design template library and a template library to make the most out of them. 


HTML5 and CSS3 Web Design: What to Know When Choosing The Right Template For Your Site, (FREE)This free book from Lior M. Ben-Sasson and Mariana Zalman is all about choosing the right template for your website, and it’s great for learning a new tool. 


Paint A Logo With a Template for a Single Web Page, A Practical Guide to Building A Logo Template (Online) is an online tutorial from Michele C. Wirth that teaches you how to create logo templates with CSS3.

This is a good resource for those new to the world of logo design. 


Getting Started With a Web Designer Toolbox ( Free)This web designer toolbox contains templates for a variety of web designer tools, including a free template to help design an email template, a template to make your logo look professional, and even a template for creating a personal site logo. 

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