Google has released a new web design and development service for India and the United States that aims to streamline the design and architecture of its sites and help businesses create new ones.

In the latest blog post, the company said it had started working with design agencies and content creators in the US, and would provide new templates and tutorials to help them develop web designs for new sites.

“The new web templates are designed to work with existing web content, while the new web development service will help developers create new websites, which are easier to maintain and build on,” Google said.

Google’s New Web Design service will be available from July 11 and will include a template guide, tutorials and tools.

It’s a step in the right direction for India, Google said, adding that there are already many web developers who have already used the service.

“In India, web designers and developers are very busy, and this service will allow them to work in peace and focus on their work.

The service will also help companies develop new websites that are easier and faster to develop and will help businesses build new ones,” Google wrote.

The company said the service is expected to help developers design web pages in the next six months.

“We believe that by leveraging existing web design templates and content, our service will empower developers to start building new web pages on the web, enabling them to easily make money and build brands in India,” Google added.

Google is also looking to build out an Indian version of its search engine.

It launched the Google Search in India service in March, which is a portal where businesses can search for products, businesses and businesses related to their products.