I’ve been designing mobile websites for a long time.

It’s been fun, I love it, but the work has also been a little repetitive.

So, I’ve decided to share with you a few tips for making your mobile site look like it belongs in a book.

Here are my top 10 tips for mobile site design.1.

Avoid repetition.

You don’t have to make your website look the same.

Don’t keep using the same style of layout every time.

Use a different grid, color scheme, and even a different font.2.

Design for the screen you’re on.

The most important thing to consider when designing for a mobile site is the screen size of your website.

If you’re designing for mobile devices that’s less than 6 inches (19 cm), you’ll need to design your mobile website with more space to accommodate your content.3.

Make sure your site works well on different devices.

It’s not just about being able to download a specific app.

Your mobile site will look great on a tablet, a smartphone, or a TV.4.

Don’t forget about the mobile site template.

This template will help you create your mobile page, making it easier for you to adapt your layout to the different devices you use.5.

Avoid repeating the same image.

If your images and images have the same shape, they can be very difficult to adapt.

Instead, think about the different shapes that you want your images to take.

The more shapes you can use in your images, the more likely you will have a consistent look.


Avoid using the wrong fonts.

The main problem I see with mobile fonts is that you’re often limited to using a single typeface or font.

In my experience, most people use only one font for their mobile website.


Avoid overly complex fonts.

Many mobile web designers use too many fonts, so they end up looking too similar.

Instead, use a single font, one that you can easily read.


Avoid the wrong typefaces.

The problem with typefaces is that they’re often difficult to read on mobile devices.

If you need a font with lots of glyphs and lines, look for a font that has a larger font size.

A smaller font size will also help your website display better.


Avoid too many colors.

I think a common mistake is to use too much colors for your mobile design.

Too many colors can distract from the important details.

Use less colors.


Avoid color-blocking elements.

Some of the most common mistakes I see in mobile sites are the use of black text on white background.

This will make it hard to read your text, and also make it difficult to customize your site on a mobile device.