Albuquerque, New Mexico (AP) It’s a small space in the city’s abandoned downtown.

But it’s not a dive.

The restaurant, which is part of a new food movement called “Albuquerque Food for All,” offers a wide range of dishes, from a grilled chicken and cheese sandwich with green beans to a burger made with homemade pinto beans.

The menu also includes a beer and wine list, a bar, and more.

The idea of an open kitchen was a long-time dream for Alana and Scott, who moved from Georgia to Albuquerque a few years ago and now run the space, with their two sons.

They want to create something that is more inclusive of the community, especially for those who are queer, trans and gender non-conforming.

Alana says the idea for the restaurant came from a group of friends in Georgia who were living in a homeless shelter, and they wanted to offer a place where they could get together and celebrate the diversity of the city.

Alanas parents, Joe and Ann, have been involved in the food movement for a while.

Ann says the inspiration for the food came from the experience of being homeless in Georgia.

“I remember feeling isolated, and we were just kind of living off the grid,” she says.

“And we started asking ourselves, ‘What do we do for a living?’

We were just trying to make a meal for ourselves.”

In addition to cooking for the community in Albuquerque, the team hopes to bring fresh, local ingredients to the neighborhood.

They’ve been cooking for years with a local food cart, and Alana started cooking at a local farmer’s market in the early 1990s.

“We kind of grew up there,” she recalls.

“That’s how we started.”

The family’s favorite food is barbecue ribs, a staple of the Albuquerque cuisine.

“There’s something special about that kind of meat,” Alana adds.

“It’s a good, tender, meaty cut of meat, that has a nice, tender chew.”

The team is also excited to be opening the restaurant on the East Side, which includes the neighborhood where the family has been living.

The city has a huge homeless population, but the food is still available, and the city has plenty of restaurants and grocery stores that serve a wide variety of food options.

But Alana said she hopes that the food will be accessible to people of all kinds.

“When we say, ‘We’re just going to serve this food and it’s going to be safe for you to eat,’ it’s a little bit different,” she adds.

The family has also decided to use a small amount of their own money to buy the equipment to start the restaurant.

“The whole concept of us doing it ourselves, it just felt right,” Alanas says.

The new restaurant will have two floors and will serve a variety of dishes.

There will be three food trucks, but Alana is particularly excited about the food truck, which will be called “Titan” and will run on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., offering a menu that includes a grilled cheese sandwich and a chicken sandwich.

They will be doing a limited-time promotion for people who buy a ticket and can get a seat on a truck that will pick up food and then go to the kitchen to prepare the menu.

“You have to be prepared,” Alanna says.

They are also opening a “food truck club” for people to come together and try out new food options that they can try.

They have also been thinking about what other restaurants in the neighborhood might offer, like the popular pizza place “Pizza Truck.”

“We’ve been thinking, what’s the best place to go for food?

So, if we’re not doing food, what would be the next thing we’d be able to do?” says Scott.

They hope to bring food to the area that is affordable, affordable, and delicious, and that’s just something they are looking forward to doing.

The food truck will be available to people from 7 a.p. to midnight, on Saturdays and Sundays from 7 p.