By: Emily K. BurschA long and arduous journey for anyone hoping to hike or bike across the Portland waterfront and onto the new Pacific Coast Highway.

It can be a harrowing and often intimidating process.

For the many cyclists who have been waiting to ride on the new PCT for years, the news of the project’s reopening on March 2 has been a breath of fresh air.

The opening is expected to bring about thousands of new riders and a few thousand more tourists, but the road is still being built and will be closed from late March through early June.

While the project is not a bike trail, it has long been considered a public trail, with construction of the new bridge over the Oregon Trail beginning in late 2018.

The new bridge will span the Portland Harbor Bridge, which opened in 1871 and is the world’s longest concrete bridge.

There will be several ways to get around the new project.

There are several new routes the city has created that make use of the Portland’s waterfront.

One of the most popular is the PCT Trail.

It runs from the north end of the city to the waterfront and provides access to the newly built pedestrian bridge over Puget Sound.

Another route that is not on the Pct Trail is the East End Bike Trail.

This trail is a short, dirt path from the downtown core to the East Portland waterfront.

While the PcT Trail is considered a bike route, it is not one that is open to the public.

It is located in a private park, and while it is open, the Pts Trail is closed to the general public.

A third, and potentially more popular, route is the new trail, the Pacific Coast Bike Trail, which will be completed in late 2019.

The PCT is currently being built along a river that runs through the center of the neighborhood, which has a large number of residents who live on the west side of the river.

The city hopes to expand the bike path along the river to accommodate the many bicyclists who use the river as a place to cycle.

However, the city is working with local landowners to preserve the river for future use as a park.

As of right now, the project has about two months left to complete the PCCT Trail.

The trail is located along the city’s waterfront, but is still considered a private road.

Many of the other new routes have been developed to provide access to Portland’s public park system.

A new, pedestrian bridge has been added to the new bike path.

Portland has long struggled with bike trails.

In the 1980s, the then-governor, Charlie Hales, declared the city of Portland’s bike trails a state priority and funded construction of two new trails.

However, those trails, which run through downtown, remain closed to cyclists.

Despite efforts by the city, however, it took years before a second bike trail was built in the city.

In late 2014, the new new trail was opened.

“We’re really excited about this new bridge and we look forward to continuing to build new trails across Portland and around the world,” said Scott Smith, the mayor of Portland, in a press release.

Smith added that the Ptc Trail is one of the projects that the city will continue to work on.

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