New ‘nurse Jackie,’ the reboot of the classic 1980s horror film that first debuted on CBS in 1991, will hit theaters in the fall.

The remake stars Emma Stone and Will Arnett as the titular women of the fictional Nurse Jackie’s clinic in the town of Beverly Hills, Calif.

The film, directed by Mark Wahlberg and starring Will Arneth, Katee Sackhoff, and Laura Dern, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival this past June.

The original Nurse Jackie (played by Emma Stone) is a young, inexperienced nurse whose life takes a drastic turn after she encounters an old, mysterious woman (Will Arnett) in a hotel elevator.

She immediately falls in love with him, but she’s reluctant to tell him her true feelings for him, fearing the woman could harm her career.

She later finds herself in a hospital ward when she accidentally kills a patient.

The remake, which stars Emma Thompson, Will Arnott, and Amy Poehler, is produced by Wahlburgers’ Jason Mantzoukas, Will Ferrell, and Zach Galifianakis, with Wahlheim serving as executive producer.

The movie stars Emily Blunt, Will Ospreay, and Michael Peña as the Nurse Jackie sisters.