The 2020 Olympics are almost here, but there’s still some work to do.

And as the city prepares for the Games, some city officials are wondering whether the new website will look anything like the original, which was a mix of images and text.

“We’re going to look at how we’ve done it in the past and try to make it work in a more user-friendly way,” said Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who is working on a new website.

“But we’re not going to be the only ones that have to be up there.”

There are several major differences between the original and the new version of the site, including that the Chicago city logo will be missing.

“The city is not part of the Chicago Olympics website,” said spokesman Ryan McElroy.

“So we’re still going to use the old design.”

The new website is still in the design stage, but it should be ready for use in the summer.

The redesign has some of the same design features as the old site, like an interactive map of Chicago, and a redesigned timeline.

The new site will feature the same images, including the city logo, but the font used is a different color scheme.

The old website had three colors: black, red and yellow.

The updated version features five colors: white, green, orange and yellow, as well as a new font that looks similar to the old.

The fonts used are also different, but not necessarily to the new font.

“I think that’s one of the biggest things that we’ll have to watch out for is the look of the design, and if it looks like something that we did for the Olympics,” said Ken McBride, who oversees the design and content for the city.

“It’ll be a different look, so we’re going do a lot of research on that.”

The redesign also includes a number of changes to the site’s interface, such as a change in the top-level navigation.

“You can still go to the city, you can still see a timeline,” McBride said.

“In addition, the design for the navigation is changing.

You can still look at the calendar.”

The old design used a lot more information than the new, but McBride says it has become less important for visitors, as it’s easier to navigate through the site and look up information.

The redesigned website will have many of the features of the old website, including an interactive timeline, an interactive graphics map, and an interactive calendar.

The city will also have a separate video streaming site, but some of that content will be removed.

The Chicago Olympic website was designed by the University of Chicago’s Visual Arts Lab.

It was a collaboration between the University and the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.

It will be open to the public until April 1.