Posted November 06, 2018 08:05:59The world’s largest online retailer has just announced that it will launch a new website design in 2017, a move that will see it shift from the standard black and white design to a range of different colours and typography.

The design for the new website is currently in the design stage and will be unveiled at a special event in early 2018, the company announced today.

It will be made available in a range with different colours, and the website will also be made to offer more customization options.

The company, which has more than 7,000 employees in Dublin, said the new design will help it “create an inclusive, accessible and relevant website for our customers”.

The new design for 2017 will be available on its website at the same time as the existing 2018 design, which will be launched in the spring of next year.

The new website will feature the same look and feel of its previous design, with new elements like colour, font, design elements and layout.

It will also have a new navigation bar.

“We know that the most common problem people have with our website is that it feels too similar to the old one,” said Joe Rennie, co-founder of the company.

“So we’ve taken the same approach as the new logo we’ve used on the old website and we’ve also created a brand new navigation and brand new design to complement the new look.”

The new look will include the logo’s colour palette of red, blue and white.

It’s also going to include a new section called “designer” that will allow users to design the website with their own unique style.

“This is going to be the main way people will access our website and will help them get to the best parts of the website,” Mr Rennies said.

“You’ll be able to create your own designs, share them on social media, and we’re going to offer them to the world through a new marketplace where anyone can upload their designs.”

There’s going to also be a new gallery of designs for people to see that they can use in the future.

“The company also has an online design community that it has launched that will be able connect customers with the right designers, with plans to expand that to other markets in the near future.”

The website design will also allow people to submit their designs and we will be working with the public to see if there’s a demand for it,” Mr Rhyne said.

There will also a number of other new features on the new site that will help customers find what they are looking for.”

I’m not going to get into too many details, but we’ve got a new user experience,” Mr Gartland said.