A construction crane has been stationed at a home in the heart of the capital’s downtown for several weeks, but the owner has been unable to find anyone willing to take it home.

The crane is located at the property of Joe Koehler, a real estate agent and property developer, who was also the owner of the property where the crane was built.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a crane in the area,” Mr Koehl said.

Mr Koehls family owned the property for 25 years, but said he has been without a crane for a long while because he could not find anyone interested in taking the property over for the purpose.

He has been looking for a buyer to move the crane into the home, but was told by a company that is moving into the property that the crane would be too big to fit into the space.

It’s still not clear how many people have the crane, and Mr Koes home is still under construction.

Construction site in Indianapolis is ‘Home to the World’s Largest Construction Crane’ article The property at 821 E. Colfax St. is listed for sale on the home listing site for $1.5 million, which is about half of what Mr Kuehl says the crane is worth.

On his Facebook page, Mr Köhler wrote: “We are still waiting on someone to buy the home.

The crane is just too big for our home.

I have a lot of questions.””

If you’re interested in buying it, please contact us.”

The owner has not responded to a request for comment.

A crane for sale in Indianapolis.

Photo: Supplied.

Meanwhile, Mr Pazu, who runs a construction company, said the crane will remain in the home as a tourist attraction.

“It is a bit of a tourist trap,” he said.

“I think it’s good that people can see what it is and experience it, but I think it is really good to get the crane out and let the community know what it’s all about.”

There’s a lot going on around here that nobody knows about.

“Construction crane at 881 E. Collfax St., in Indianapolis, on Friday, December 17, 2018.

Photo by John Greif.

According to Mr Pazzu, he has contacted the city’s building department and plans to apply for permits from the city.

Earlier this month, the City of Indianapolis issued a permit for the crane to remain in Mr Kroehler’s home.”

We are working to determine if the crane can be safely relocated,” the city said in a statement.

There has been no official word on when construction will start.