Denver, CO — Denver Web Designer Kevin Daley is working on his next project: a brand new Denver logo.

“It’s a brand-new logo.

And I’m not sure if you guys can guess what it is yet,” he said.

Daley said the logo he is currently working on has nothing to do with the Denver Broncos, and he is going to keep working on it.

Daly said the new logo has been a long time coming, as he was originally working on a Denver football-themed design for the city’s first professional sports team, the Denver Pioneers.

Dara, who has been designing logos for nearly three decades, said he is in awe of the team’s recent success.

“The first thing I would say is, I think the fans are going to love this one,” he told Denver Weekly.

“They’ve been waiting for it.

I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.”

Daley has been working on the logo since 2014, and said he first came across the Denver logo while researching the city for a business project.

He said he decided to use the Broncos’ crest and logo because it was the most popular symbol in Denver.

“I just thought, that would be a really cool thing to use in Denver,” he explained.

The design is the first in a series of Denver logos Daley says will help the city continue to be recognized.

“We’re going to be looking at other logos,” he added.

“You know, we’re going out with a new logo for Denver to make sure we’re not just starting from scratch.”

He said it’s not the first time he’s created a logo for a new team.

“There’s been other Denver logos, but this one is the most iconic,” he continued.

“So, I can definitely say it’s going to stand the test of time.”

Dara said the city has been doing a good job of marketing the logo, and it’s working.

“A lot of the teams have had their logos changed recently, and a lot of teams have been trying to make it look brand new,” he noted.

“But Denver has a great logo.

It’s the best in the league.

It just looks fantastic.” “

And it’s coming out on a budget.

It just looks fantastic.”

The new logo will be unveiled at the beginning of the new league year on April 12.

D’Amore and his team are currently working with a company in the design studio, Digital Design Denver, to finish the design.

He added that Denver is in a great place right now, with an incredible sports landscape.

“Denver is definitely in a new place, as far as sports fans and sports venues go, and I think we’re at a good time,” D’Adamo said.

And we’re in a good place.””

As a sports fan, I feel like we have a great opportunity here in Denver to really grow the brand and the brand of our city.

And we’re in a good place.”