If you’re a Delhi-based web designer, chances are you’ve got some experience with the city.

And if you’re not, you should be.

The city of 1.3 billion has become a place to do your bit and create something with an eye towards the future.

And that’s why the IT department has launched a scheme that will get people out of their houses and into the office for free.

A new online portal will be launched in Delhi, called Akshaya, where people can upload their creations, design websites and create portfolios.

The portal will provide a platform for designers and creatives to create and upload their work.

“We will be connecting all these creative people across different industries, such as architecture, software development, advertising and more,” said a senior IT department official.

It will also be a hub for all the departments of the city, from education to health and education.

In addition, it will provide an opportunity for designers to collaborate with the local and national talent pool.

While some of the departments have already started accepting applicants, the department has made it compulsory to sign up through the portal. 

The official said it is also aimed at increasing the number of people who can work remotely. 

“We are working towards having a full-time workforce of around 200,000.

This is an important step towards making the city more attractive for all of us,” the official said.

People will be able to upload their websites, portfolios and designs in the portal and can upload them directly from the office.

They will also get an opportunity to submit their projects for approval.

The online portal has been set up in partnership with the department of commerce and industry, which has been a key point in attracting people to the city and encouraging them to work remotely, officials said. 

It will enable the department to get a closer look at the demand for the jobs and the availability of the workforce.