Web design firm 3,002 jobs are up for grabs for a new owner as the company’s owner and former employee are suing the company.

The lawsuit, filed in San Diego County, alleges that the company was in debt for years, and was only able to pay back about $1 million in principal and interest on the loan.

The company is now owned by another company, but the original owner and the company that he is alleged to have hired for the job were never paid, the suit said.

The suit is seeking to block any sale of the company, and it asks for an injunction that would allow the company to keep the assets, but not the employees.

In addition, the company is asking that it be protected from creditors, including any liens, and for an order that it should be held harmless.

According to the lawsuit, the original owners sued the company in 2010 after it filed a claim against them for failing to pay them, claiming that they were “the principal owners of the business” and that they “intentionally and knowingly caused the business to suffer irreparable harm.”

The lawsuit claims that the business, called “Web Design Studio,” had no revenue for at least four years, had no employees and had debts totaling $12 million.

The original owners filed a lawsuit in 2011, claiming the company owed them more than $3 million in unpaid debt, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.

The new owner and two former employees are also named as defendants.

The suit claims that they also had debts, but that they had never taken action.