How to design a web app for iOS, Android and Mac

In this article, I’ll show you how to create a web application that will work on your iPhone or iPad and work on other platforms like Windows, Linux and even Windows Phone.I’ll also show you all the code necessary to create your own custom HTML5 web page that works with your application.I hope you enjoy […]

What is a responsive web design?

CricInfo – An article about web design in general.It will be interesting to see if we can make a list of web design topics.In this article, we will be talking about responsive web designs.If you want to make a comment on this article or suggest something, you can do so in the comments section below.The […]

When you think web design and digital media, you may think about FLORIDA, and it’s the place to be!

Flushingtons blog Flushington’s Blog is a resource dedicated to bringing you information about FLO, the State of the Florida web design industry.They also publish web design articles for other media outlets.In addition to web design for the FLORIDAS news website, they also provide web design advice for other publications.Flushingtons blog is the official source for […]

How the internet can be reinvented

It’s been a long time coming.The internet was created to bring the world closer together, but today it is often viewed as a battleground for political and social power.Today we’re witnessing the rise of the internet as a platform for the spread of ideas and new technologies.We’ve seen how these new platforms can be used […]